Aussies will have the chance to snare the second-biggest jackpot the nation has ever seen with Powerball offering a phenomenal $150 million in Thursday’s draw.

The ground-breaking jackpot comes after no players held a division one winning entry in Powerball draw 1444, prompting the game’s prize to roll higher for the fifth consecutive week.

The $150 million Powerball prize is the biggest jackpot offered by any Australian lottery game since October 2022, when Powerball offered a record-breaking $160 million jackpot.

While no entries scored the division one prize in the $100 million Powerball draw, a total of 3,445,440 prizes worth more than $71.1 million were won in divisions two to nine.  

Among these winners, there were 15 division two winners, who each take home a prize of $132,040.20. These winners were just one number shy of taking home the multi-million-dollar prize.

We're sure many Aussies would be counting down the hours, minutes and seconds to next week’s phenomenal $150 million Powerball draw. 

It’s undeniable that the idea of winning a slice of the $150 million division one prize will captivate the minds of many Australians this week as anticipation and excitement builds!

We expect a surge in lottery outlets and online as we approach Thursday night’s multi-million-dollar draw, with up to half of Australian adults expected to have an entry into the draw.

To give an indication of the scale of excitement projected for the upcoming draw, the peak of sales for this week’s $100 million Powerball draw was at 5.46pm when Aussies grabbed 7,224 entries in a single minute.

Here are our top tips for anyone looking for a chance to win the $150 million prize: 
  1. Don't leave purchasing your ticket to the last minute! Make sure you've got a ticket before draw close 7:30pm AEST, Thursday 25 January 2024. 

  2. Register your entry to a membership card or online account and check your details are up to date. We'll be on standby to call any registered winners directly after the draw, and we'd love to break the news to you! 

  3. If you're not a member with The Lott, sign up today!  It's free to join and as well as the chance to recieve a life-changing phone call, there are heaps of other benefits to make playing easier and more secure. 

In 2019, we were able to deliver the ultimate news to Powerball's biggest individual lottery winner - a Sydney mum - who discovered her $107 million win minutes after the draw because she had registered her ticket.

Could someone set new records on Thursday night if one player claims the entire $150 million Powerball prize? Only time will tell!