One or more Aussies could wake up this Friday the 13th as a newly-minted millionaire if they take home a slice of Thursday night’s $60 million Powerball prize. 

With no Powerball division one winners during the past four draws, the game’s jackpot has soared to $60 million – the third biggest Australian lottery jackpot offered so far this year. 

Up to one-in-six Australian adults are expected to have an entry into this Thursday’s draw, which is also the biggest offer of any Australian lottery at this time. 

If one player walks away with it all this week, they would share the title of being Australia’s second-biggest individual lottery winner so far in 2022.  A Sydney mum holds the record for biggest individual lottery winner in Australian history after she won $107 million in Powerball. 

Over the last few months, we’ve seen six division one Powerball winners, and this Thursday draw is the third time this year Powerball has offered a $60 million prize. 

Already we’re starting to see some trends emerge in 2022:

  • Two-thirds of 2022’s Powerball division one winning entries to date were QuickPick entries, where the lottery terminal determines the numbers for you
  • A third of Powerball division one wins have been syndicates or groups of people who shared the multi-million-dollar prizes

  • PowerHit entries have accounted for a third of Powerball division one wins so far this year. PowerHit entries are unique to Powerball and guarantee the all- Powerball number needed to win division one. 

Regardless of which Powerball entry you grab, as long as you have one in your hand before 7.30pm AEST on Thursday night, you’re in with a chance to become an overnight multi-millionaire. 

We recommend registering your entry to a player card or online account. That way, we can reach out to you straight after the draw should you win division one.

Imagine starting Friday the 13th as Australia’s newest multi-millionaire? It would be a date you’d never forget!