Powerball has surged to an incredible $80 million for next Thursday (draw 1357) after no one held a division one winning entry in tonight’s draw.  

Next week’s $80 million jackpot is the second biggest prize offered by any Australian lottery so far in 2022.  

Although the division one prize wasn’t snagged this evening, a total of 1,941,322 prizes worth more than $34.45 million were won in divisions two to nine.

This includes 10 division two winners, who were just one number shy of a multi-million-dollar win, but each take home $95,476.50.

If one person won next week’s entire $80 million Powerball jackpot, they would easily become Australia’s biggest lottery winner in 2022 to date.

Last year, a Powerball $80 million prize was won on three occasions. In April 2021, an $80 million jackpot was shared by two New South Wales players who won $40 million each.  

Then in August last year, a Victorian man walked away with the entire prize making him the state’s biggest ever individual lottery winner.  

And in December 2021, an $80 million jackpot was won by 55 women from a Western Australian gym.   

Imagine your plans for the rest of 2022 if you scored a slice of next week’s $80 million prize.  

It’s going to be busy leading up to this huge draw, with up to one-in-four Australian adults expected to have an entry, so make sure you get in early to avoid the late rush.   

If you want to find out immediately if you’re a division one winner, register your entry so we can give you a call straight after the draw to break that life-changing news.