Australia could welcome its biggest-ever individual lottery winner this week if just one person takes home the entire $150 million Powerball jackpot on Thursday night.

We can already feel the excitement building as players across the country grab their entries ahead of the draw close, 7:30pm AEST Thursday 23 May 2024.

While we’re eagerly waiting to see if someone will make history, it will all come down to how those winning numbers roll. But if you’re dreaming of becoming a multimillionaire there are some things you don’t want to leave to chance. Take a peek at the common Powerball mishaps you might want to avoid ahead of this mammoth draw.

Forgetting to register your entry

Registering your ticket to your online Lott Members Club account or players card not only means your prize is secure and can only be claimed by you. It also means there’s a chance to receive a life-changing phone call on Thursday night straight after the draw results are known. Just make sure your contact details are up to date so we can reach you!

Not treating your ticket like it could be worth $150 million

While there is a process to claim prizes on lost and damaged lottery tickets, you’ll receive your prize without any hassle if you keep your physical tickets safe and sound.

Disregarding the PowerHit entry

While there hasn’t been a division one winner during the past six draws, there have been 29 people who scored division two.  If any of these division two winners had held a PowerHit entry, they would have won the jackpot. Remember a PowerHit entry is equivalent to 20 games, guaranteeing you the all-important Powerball number.

Keeping your phone on silent on Thursday night

We’ll be on standby ready to attempt to reach out to any registered division one winners around 8.45pm on Thursday night. It’s a call you don’t want to miss, so make sure you keep your phone close! Our calls come from an unknown number with an 07 area code.

Thinking you need a big ticket when any entry gives you the chance to win

As long as you have an entry, you’re in with the chance to win! Last year, a Bankstown dad won $100 million with a 6-game QuickPick – an entry that costs $8.10.

Sleeping on syndicates

It’s not uncommon for a syndicate to win a Powerball division one prize, as was the case earlier this year when 16 Caboolture players shared an incredible Powerball payday. Syndicates allow you to pool funds with friends, family, work colleagues, and even people in your community via in-store syndicates to grab a bigger entry offering more chances to win. Our SyndiMate tool makes it easy to set up a syndicate and each syndicate member receives their own ticket so it’s crystal clear who’s in and out of the group. Any prizes won by the syndicate are split equally among the syndicate members.

No matter how you choose to play, the most important thing is that you have an entry in your hand. Grab your Powerball tickets in store, online, or via The Lott app today. Good luck!