A Bankstown dad has erupted into hysterical laughter and slapped his face to ensure he wasn’t dreaming following the revelation he’s now Australia’s second-biggest lottery winner after pocketing tonight’s entire $100 million Powerball jackpot.

The New South Welshman held the only division one winning entry in Powerball draw 1414, drawn Thursday 22 June 2023. He becomes the ninth Powerball division one winner of 2023. 

Only one other Australian lottery player has won more than this Western Sydney resident, a Sydney nurse who scored more than $107 million in January 2019. 

In addition to the sole division one winner, there were a total of 3,867,940 prizes worth more than $77.61 million won in divisions two to nine in tonight’s Powerball draw. Among those winners were 10 division two winners, who each took home a $216,070.00 prize. 

The unsuspecting winner didn’t answer the initial call immediately after tonight’s draw but eventually picked up his phone to the life-changing news. 

“Wait a second! Wait a second!” he laughed hysterically when we revealed his good fortune. 

“Oh! Oh! Are you sure?! Have you got the right person? 

“This is unbelievable! I’ve won $100 million!? Am I dreaming? I’m a millionaire now?! 

“Can you say this one more time?! Oh my goodness. Oh my god. I can’t speak. I feel dizzy. 

“I’ve slapped my face twice! It feels tight!  

“I’m with my wife right now. She’s in shock. 

“We’re going to struggle to sleep tonight.” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy life as a newly minted multi-millionaire, the occasional Powerball player admitted he would keep working but looked forward to buying a brand-new house. 

“I will continue to work. But I need to process this a bit more. Maybe I won’t in the future!” he shared. 

His beloved wife stopped him in his tracks and questioned if he would really continue working.  

“Working?! We’re multi-millionaires now!” his wife added. 

“We’re going to buy a new house and set ourselves up for the future.” 

His winning 6-game QuickPick entry was purchased online at thelott.com – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.