Powerball could welcome its 13th division one win this week as Aussies vie for Thursday’s $60 million prize.

The equivalent of up to one-in-six adults are expected to have an entry into the draw, which offers the second biggest Australian lottery jackpot of 2021. 

So far this year, 12 Powerball division one wins have scored more than $410 million in prizemoney.

These wins have been concentrated along the nation’s eastern seaboard, with seven in New South Wales, four in Queensland, and one in Victoria.

A study of these division one winning tickets shows half were PowerHit entries – an entry type unique to Powerball that guarantees the all-important Powerball number needed to win division one.

Nine of the 12 multi-million-dollar winning entries were QuickPick entries, where the lottery terminal randomly chose the numbers. Only three wins were from a marked entry, where the player selected the numbers.

While the end of 2021 is fast approaching, Powerball shows no signs of slowing down. Thursday’s massive jackpot is the third time Powerball has offered a $60 million prize this year.

One of the most memorable recent Powerball winners took home $80 million and is Australia’s biggest lottery winner of 2021 to date. 

This winner was a North Melbourne dad who had been working as a cleaner since he lost his job because of COVID-19 lockdowns. No doubt many players will want to follow in this winner’s footsteps this week. 

To win division one in Powerball, players need to match all seven winning numbers, drawn from a barrel of 35 numbers, and the all-important Powerball number, drawn from a barrel of 20 numbers, in a single game panel.

The PowerHit entry guarantees the Powerball number you need to win division one. If you only matched the seven winning numbers on your ticket, you win Powerball’s division two prize.

No matter what type of entry you chose, you’ll need one in your hand before the draw’s close at 7.30pm AEST on Thursday if you want a chance to win $60 million.

The $60 million Powerball draw 1327 will take place on Thursday 21 October 2021.
Tickets can be purchased at any licenced lottery outlet, online from thelott.com or via The Lott mobile app.