With countless lives, homes, and livelihoods lost, as well as widespread devastation to our unique wildlife and pristine bushland, the recent bushfires have hit Australia hard. 

In the wake of this crisis, the Tabcorp Group, through the Lott, recently announced that this weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw 4019 on 25 January 2020 will be the Saturday Lotto Bushfire Benefit Draw

All proceeds from this draw, expected to be in excess of $1.5 million, will be donated to aid the bushfire relief and recovery efforts. 

The draw also unites the support from our network of over 3,800 local retailers across the country, the majority of whom are small business owners who have expressed their eagerness to play a part in supporting impacted communities. 

This isn’t the first time a Bushfire Benefit Draw has been conducted. In response to the heartbreaking impact of the Victorian Black Saturday fires in 2009, all of Victorian proceeds from Tattslotto Draw 2879 were donated to the Alfred Hospital Burns Unit. 

The outpouring of stories from those impacted by the current crisis has gripped the nation and many of our retailers and customers have experienced the devastation first-hand. We join many others across the country and the globe in sending thoughts to those who have been directly affected. We also sincerely thank those who have put their lives on the line, and supported the relief and recovery efforts that will become the focus for our enduring communities. 

Below are some FAQs about this weekend’s upcoming Saturday Lotto Bushfire Benefit Draw. 

How much money do you expect to donate?

We expect to donate more than $1.5 million from the Saturday Lotto Bushfire Benefit Draw to support relief services for people and communities impacted by the fires. The donation will be funded by all proceeds from the draw. Exact figures will be known after the draw.

How will the draw be conducted?

The Bushfire Benefit Draw will be conducted like any other regular Saturday Lotto draw, as required by lottery regulations.
The estimated division one prize pool for the draw is $4 million. 

While all proceeds will be donated, this has no impact on the prizes that will be paid to divisional winners. In fact, winners’ prize money, state lottery taxes, and commissions to retailers will all be paid as per usual.  

How can I get involved?

Entries into the Saturday Lotto Bushfire Benefit Draw are available at your local Lott outlet, online, and via the Lott app. The draw closes at 7:30pm AEST on Saturday 25 January 2020, with the draw held shortly after. 

Which charities will be receiving money?

The proceeds will be shared among key organisations involved in the relief and recovery efforts including:

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, which provides grants to impacted communities to support recovery and rebuild efforts

WIRES Wildlife Rescue, which has launched an Emergency Fund to help rescue and care for animals impacted by the fires and drought

Wildlife Victoria, which helps shelters and carers rescuing and rehabilitating local wildlife

Australian Red Cross, which has started a Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund

NSW Rural Fire Service, volunteer fire and emergency services

Victorian Bushfire Appeal, established by the Victorian Government to support local communities

GIVIT’s Disaster and Emergency Recovery Service (Queensland), a not-for-profit that supports agencies, services and charities

South Australian Bushfire Appeal, to raise funds for people directly affected by bushfires in Cudlee Creek and on Kangaroo Island

Proceeds are game subscriptions after prizes and government taxes.