From retirement plans to overseas family reunions, our recent winners are feeling extra merry and bright following some major prize wins!  

Catch up on this week’s winning highlights below: 

Retirement on the cards for Albion Park man  

A soon-to-be-retired Albion Park man won an amazing $1 million thanks to Monday & Wednesday Lotto. The winner was completely unaware of his win until he popped by his local outlet! 

“It’s so surreal! I still can’t believe it!” he laughed when speaking to us. 

“Definitely a lot more zeros than I expected. Wow! 

“It’s hard to comprehend. I’ll have to process it over the coming weeks.”  

Coffs Harbour man’s overseas family reunion  

A Coffs Harbour man is eager to reunite with his children overseas after scoring a $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot prize. 

“This is a godsend. A blessing!” he said. 

“I have already told my partner, and she didn’t believe me. I told her to take a seat and told her about our win. I usually have a bit of a joke with her, so she thought I was full of it. Bit of a boy-who-cried-wolf situation, but she believes me now. 

“I have two adult children overseas, and I haven’t been able to see them the past few years because of everything going on in the world. I look forward to seeing them both.”  

A life-changing choice for Tamworth mother 

A Tamworth mother recently purchased a $10 Triple Match Instant Scratch-Its ticket that delivered a top prize of $250,000. The winning woman chose her winning ticket because the colour reminded her of her birthstone! 

“We’re a young family and we’ve done it pretty tough in the past year. Honestly, it’s come at the most perfect time!” the winning woman told us. 

“We want this to go a long way! 

“This is truly life-changing.” 
Avoca man’s inkling led to $100,000 win 

An Avoca man also has an Instant Scratch-Its ticket to thank for his life-enhancing $100,000 top prize!  The winner told us he’d always had an inkling that he’d score big one day! 

“I’ve still got butterflies in my stomach! It’s going to take some time to sink in,” the winning man exclaimed when confirming his win with us.  

“It’s going to completely change my life. 

“To have a win like this just before Christmas is the best present I could have ever asked for.” 

That’s all for now. Have a winning week!