Forget doing cardio. According to one of our latest multi-millionaires, all it takes to elevate your heart rate is receiving a winning phone call!  

Check out this week’s winning highlights. 

“I’m rich?!”: $9.41 million Lucky Lotteries win sends Coolangatta man’s heart racing! 

When we broke the news to a Gold Coast man that he was now over $9 million  richer, his heart was immediately pounding — so much so, that he contemplated a quick trip to the hospital!  

“Oh my god! Holy sh**!” he exclaimed.  

“I rarely get excited about anything, but right now I feel like I am almost too excited. My heart is about to beat out of my chest. 

“Has anyone ever had a heart attack after receiving a call like this? We need to sit down or we might end up in a hospital!” 

Brighter days ahead for Endeavour Hills woman after $5.6 million Oz Lotto win 

From heart palpitations to all over chills, an Endeavour Hills woman couldn’t stop trembling when we called to tell her she had taken out Tuesday night’s Oz Lotto division one prize.  

“I can’t even hold the phone right now. I can’t stop shaking!” she cried. 

“I am so emotional. I need to hang up this phone and just break down. 

“This is incredible.” 

Southern Sydney mum discovers $2.5 million win on the school run 

With such visceral reactions from our winners this week, it’s a good thing a Sydney mum pulled over her car before checking her winning ticket.  

“I’m sitting in the car. I can’t believe it!” she said.  

“This morning I did the school run and then I thought I better check the ticket. 

“I had a feeling I’d won something big but I never thought this big!” 

Devonport man’s dreams fueled by $2.5 million TattsLotto win 

We’re adding weak knees to the list of symptoms our winners are likely to experience after one Tassie winner discovered his $2.5 million win!  

“You must be joking? No!” he said in disbelief.  

“I need to sit down! I can’t believe it – I’m a multi-millionaire? 

“I am definitely going to celebrate today, but first, I need to sit down and let this incredible news sink in.” 

With more chances to win every day of the week, perhaps we’ll be delivering some heart-racing news to you soon!