Doctors say most Australians don’t get enough sleep. And for a few Aussies this week, some million-dollar discoveries might have been the leading cause! 

Check out all the winning highlights below:

$10 million Oz Lotto win keeps Canberra mum awake all night

The revelation of a $10 million win kept a Canberra mum awake all night wondering if she really was suddenly a multi-millionaire.

“I checked my ticket last night, and I couldn’t believe it. I really couldn’t believe it,” she said.

“I didn’t sleep at all. I was lying awake thinking about what we will do if it’s true!”

Despite having gone the entire night without sleep, the news was a complete dream come true. The generous mum can’t wait to share her prize with her family and looks forward to booking some overseas travel when she can.  

Young Braybrook family discovers suspected $1,000 prize is in fact a $1 million win!

Another tired but overjoyed family also had a disrupted night after checking their Wednesday Lotto ticket and realising what they initially thought was a $1,000 win was a $1 million Wednesday Lotto windfall. 

“I ran straight up the stairs to my wife screaming and gave her a big hug and told her we are millionaires,” the winning man explained. 

“She thought I was pranking her at first, but then I showed her my phone and she was so shocked. 

“We were so excited that we accidentally woke the kids up from our screaming!” 

Once the news eventually sinks in, we’re sure they’ll have some sweet dreams thinking about how they’ll enjoy their prize.

Weekly tradition leads to Doncaster East woman’s $1 million Monday Lotto win

If you do want to make sure you get a good night’s sleep, it might be best to only check your lottery tickets first thing in the morning.  Earlier this week, a Doncaster woman started her day with some thrilling news! 

“Each week, I buy a lottery ticket – it’s my little treat. Then, in the morning, I check the winning numbers in the paper,” she said. 

“I’ve never won anything much before, but this time, it was very different!

“I can’t tell you what I said, you might think it’s rude, but there was lots of swearing and shouting!”

With all the fun she’s going to have with her million-dollar prize, we have no doubt she’ll be waking up on the right side of the bed for the rest of the year.  

Gift unwraps million-dollar X Lotto win for Stepney mum

Similarly, a Stepney retiree had an early morning surprise when she discovered her Saturday X Lotto ticket had yielded a $1.1 million prize!

“I checked my ticket early Sunday morning – I usually get up early and read the paper,” she explained. 

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I sat on it for a few hours until about 7am when I called my family. I told them, ‘I think I’ve won X Lotto!’.

“I just can’t believe I’ve won this. I’m very happy.” 

Even after all of this week’s excitement, there’s no time to rest here at The Lott. We’ll be back delivering some more winning news next week and maybe we’ll be hearing from you!