A couple from Williamstown are looking forward to writing their resignation letters and hitting the road after scoring the First Prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years in last night’s Set for Life draw. 

The couple are the 10th Set for Life winner to claim a First Prize in 2019 and the fourth South Australian winner to take home the coveted prize since the game began. 

When speaking with us this morning to confirm their win, the couple couldn’t contain their glee at the news.

“Are you serious? Oh my god! Thank you! This is unbelievable!” the wife exclaimed. 

“This isn’t a hoax call is it?” the husband added. 

After the news of their win had sunk in, the couple announced they had immediate plans to stop working. 

“I’m in my sixties and I’m still working, so after this win I don’t think that will be happening anymore!” the husband happily declared. 

“We’ve already got a caravan so I’d say that we will be using that a fair bit and it will get a good workout.” 

The wife revealed she had been playing Set for Life for years, marking her entry with the same random numbers. 

“I’m been playing Set for Life since it started,” she explained. 

“I’ve never won anything more than the small prizes so I’m going to have to let this news sink in a bit! 

“I’ve always said if I won anything, I’d love to win Set for Life, because then we will really be set for the rest of our lives. 

“I’m not sure how we’ll celebrate the win, but I do know we’ll have the best Christmas ever!” 

The happy winners, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their winning 4 Set marked entry at Gawler Green Newsagency, Shop 9, Gawler Green Shopping Centre, 491 Main North Road, Evanston. 

Gawler Green Newsagency manager Stacy Mcinnes said she was so excited for the winners. 

“It’s absolutely amazing to know a regular customer and a local to the area is now Set for Life!” she exclaimed. 

“We are so pleased to hear they will be retiring and will be able to enjoy their prize to the fullest. 

“This is the fourth major prize we’ve sold in five years but the first one we’ve sold this year. 

“Last year we sold three in a short space of time so we have a history of winning streaks. 

“We hope history repeats itself and we sell more major prizes soon. 

“We’ve been telling all of our customers about the win and they are thrilled for us and our winners. 

“Congratulations to the couple! We wish them all the best!”