Last night we crowned our 100th Set for Life winner.  

The winning mum from the rural Riverina region in New South Wales was out on her farm with her sheep when she received the life-changing call this morning she’d scored $20,000 a month for 20 years. 

She was the only division one winner nationally in Set for Life draw 2484, drawn Wednesday 25 May 2022.  

In complete disbelief, she explained she hadn't had a chance to check her emails yet and was busy with her farm’s flock. 

When asked if she had any plans after learning the news, she replied quickly with, "Holiday!" 

This winner, together with 99 others, will share $480 million in Set for Life division one prize money in the two decades to come.  

We’re looking back at the past 100 winners and seeing what trends have emerged. 


Winning day of the week 

Sunday was the day the most Set for Life division one winners have been crowned, with 23 players scoring on this momentous day.  

We can just imagine how any Mondayitis these winners were feeling was quick to disappear following a Sunday night win.  


What’s in a name? 

For any Steves, Sarahs, or Simons out there, you might have reason to suspect a Set for Life win could be headed your way next! The letter S is one of the most common first initials for our Set for Life division one winners so far.  

Names starting with C, D, and M also made frequent appearances.  


Some like it hot! 

Set for Life players must have been dreaming of endless summer holidays by the beach, and we don’t blame them!  

Since the game’s launch, more than a third of winners (37) scored their prize during the summer months of December, January, and February!  

Autumn trailed second with 26 winners, while winter saw 20 and spring sprouted 17.  


Is it you we’re looking for? 

Surprisingly, not all 100 division one winners have realised they’re Set for Life, with one major prize currently unclaimed.  

If you had an entry in draw 2072 on 8 April 2021, and you purchased it from Thistle Kiosk in Canberra, you’d better check your ticket. 

You could be the mystery Set for Life winner we’re searching for!  


While it’s interesting to look back at the Set for Life winning trends, it’s important to remember that lotteries are fun games of chance.  

No matter what your first name or where you purchase your ticket, as long as you have an entry, there’s a chance you too could be Set for Life.