Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022! 

It’s Amanda here from Set for Life HQ with our first update for the year.

While the team at the Set for Life HQ enjoyed the Christmas break, daily draws continued, and we returned to an exciting division one win in the Sunshine State – just in time for New Year’s Eve celebrations!

After a week of searching high and low for the mystery winner, a Gold Coast man finally checked his Set for Life ticket to discover $20,000 a month for the next 20 years was coming his way!

“I still cannot believe it. It’s not a bad win! I never win anything, so this is unbelievable!” he exclaimed when we confirmed his prize. 

“I checked my ticket, but I wasn’t sure it was real until you confirmed it just now.”

Despite now being Set for Life, the Queenslander said he would still turn up for work in the new year and donate to charities close to his heart.

“I’ll keep working. I like what I do. I can promise you it will do a lot of good. It’s just going to help me help others. It means more for the charities I support,” he said.

The month of January is ever so exciting for some of our Set for Life division one winners who will be celebrating their anniversary since snaring their windfall!

Almost 12 months ago, a young Canberra man working in the Australian Defence Force picked up the phone to a discover he was Set for Life for the next two decades.

When we asked how he planned to enjoy his newfound wealth 12 months ago – his priority was to look after his parents, buy himself a house and enjoy some holidays. 

We can’t wait to check in to see how the last 12 months, and 12 prize instalments, went for our young Aussie battler!

In the meantime, we’re still on a mission to unite one unsuspecting Aussie with their unclaimed Set for Life prize. Unlike our recent Gold Coast winner, this elusive player is taking much longer than one week to come forward.

The mystery Canberran who’d won on 8 April 2021 is yet to check their Set for Life ticket purchased at Thistle Kiosk, Shop 004A Westfield Woden, 1 Keltie Street, Woden.

From old shopping bags and fridge doors to car gloveboxes and sock drawers, Aussies certainly have a history of storing winning lottery tickets in weird and wonderful places! So, we recommend all our Set for Life players to scour their house for any tickets.

The next 12 months could be looking up for you if you discovered your good fortune!

We hope to share some good news for you in our next update, but for now take care!