Hi everyone, Amanda here again on $20k Day!  

At Set for Life HQ, we are lucky enough to be curing our Monday blues by having lots to celebrate.  

Not only is today 20K Day – the day when all our division one winners receive their next instalment of $20,000 deposited into their accounts - but this month also marks our seventh birthday!  

Since August 2015, Set for Life draws have been conducted every night, 365 days a year, giving players a chance to win $20,000 every month for 20 years! In this time, we’ve crowned 104 wonderful winners, and we’re eagerly waiting to see who our next division one winner could be. 

So, we really do have lots to celebrate this Monday!  

One of our more recent winner’s no longer has a case of Monday blues as his Set for Life win allowed him to retire after years of hard work.  

“I’ve really struggled so much these past few years. I’ve been working hard to set myself up for the future,” he said 

“But this win means I can retire – immediately!” 

We have no doubt this winner, and so many other Set for Life winners, are living it up and avoiding the Mondayitis. 

If you won $20K on replay, how would you beat your Monday blues?  

Would it be as simple as getting that extra hour of sleep, starting a passion project or spending some time volunteering? 

If you would like the chance to cure your Monday blues, grab a Set for Life entry.  

Did you know it’s the only lottery game that gives you an entry into seven nights of draws? 

Click here to find out more.  

Chat soon, Amanda.