A Cleveland woman is excited to retire from work early and book an around-the-world trip after today discovering she won the First Prize in Saturday’s Set for Life draw. 

The Queensland player held the only First Prize winning entry in Set for Life draw 1479 on Saturday 24 August 2019, and takes home $20,000 a month for 20 years. 

It’s the second Set for Life entry to score the First Prize during the past fortnight. On 11 August, a couple from Kellyville revealed they would share their prize with their family and travel the world.  

Speaking with us this morning, the elated woman explained she’d discovered her win an hour before, and invited her family over to hear the news. “I am your Set for Life winner!” she laughed. 

“Wow! This is so exciting. 

“I am with my whole family now. Can you please repeat that to them? I am going to put you on loudspeaker. I want them to hear this news from you.” 

We repeated the news to the winner’s family, who erupted in cheers and laughter. 

“Oh my god! Well done!” a family member screamed. 

“You’ve done it!” another family member laughed. 

“I just got your email and I had a feeling I’d won, so I called all my family and told them to come over so we could hear the news together,” the winning woman continued. 

“Woo-hoo! I am shaking, we are all shaking! 

“I’ve been playing Set for Life for a year and I have been expecting my win since then. 

“I mark my numbers with birthdays and other special numbers like that. 

“It’s amazing to know they’ve delivered my win. This is insane.” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her prize, the Cleveland woman said she couldn’t wait to book an around-the-world trip. 

“I am going to do lots of things with my prize,” she explained. 

“I’m going to travel, travel, travel. I am going to go and visit so many places overseas.

“I would love to go to Scandinavia and the Mediterranean first. I am going to book one of those around-the-world trips. 

“I will have to think about retiring early too. I’d love to just spend all my time overseas travelling. 

“I am going to celebrate with my family all day. As you can imagine we are in a pretty fabulous mood and probably won’t be able to go back to work and concentrate.” 

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her winning marked 2 SET entry at Nextra Newsagency Cleveland, Shop 42, Stockland Cleveland, 91 Middle Street, Cleveland.  

Nextra Newsagency Cleveland manager Jenny Adam said the outlet was celebrating their Set for Life win. 

“It’s very exciting!” she said. 

“We haven’t had a major win for a while, so we are so happy. 

“Hopefully it’s the start of a winning streak! 

“The winner came in before and she was so happy and screaming and her excitement was contagious. 

“We are thrilled for her and wish her the best with her prize.”