Hi everyone, Amanda here again on $20k Day! 

We can’t believe how quickly the 15th of the month has come around. For our First Prize winners, today is the incredibly exciting day where they’ll be receiving their monthly prize payment of $20,000. 

For some, this will be the seventh prize payment they’ve received this year, making an accumulative prize amount of $140,000. Not a bad haul for the year— and there’s still five more months left in 2019, and twenty years total of receiving 20K on Replay!

While we’re always so excited for this monthly milestone, Set for Life can create winners any day of the week. Monday through to Sunday , you have the chance to win.

So, even though today is Monday and you might be starting out your working week, dreaming about things you’d rather be doing, Set for Life players have the chance to take their day from ordinary to extraordinary anyday of the week!

In fact, there have been three Set for Life Winners so far in 2019, and two of those have won on a Monday! 

Just last month, a Townsville crane driver had his workday interrupted when  the amazing news was broken to him

“You bloody beauty,” he laughed. 

“You’ve changed my whole life!”

The ecstatic man is now able to make the most of every day of the week, saying he’ll kiss nightshifts and overtime goodbye. 

“I’m going to spend a lot of time relaxing and fishing. It’s one of my favourite things to do.”

Another Coomera couple had their Mondayitis cured when they won Set for Life in February this year. 

“We’ve had to work hard and save all our life so this will completely change our life,” they said. 

“We’ll be able to do what we really want to do now. We won’t have to worry about money.” 

It will be June 2020 before we see another $20k Day fall on a Monday, but we hope to crown plenty more First Prize winners before then.

Time will tell if this streak of Monday winners continues for the rest of the year, but with draws running daily, there’s a chance to be Set for Life every day of the week!