Hi everyone, Amanda here. 

It’s the 15th of the month and if you’re a Set for Life aficionado you know what that means — it’s $20K Day!

Sixty-nine thrilled division one winners are set to receive $20,000 today. Plus, 155 division two winners have $5K headed their way. 
It’s a prize paying bonanza at Set for Life HQ and the perfect way to celebrate another fantastic month! 

Since our last update in October, we’ve welcomed 21 new division two winners to our Set for Life family. They each receive $5,000 every month for a year! 

I love this unique division two prize, and how many happy players get to experience the joy of winning on replay. It’s only been eight months since the shiny new division two prize was introduced and it’s already been won more than 150 times.

But of course, nothing can outshine the fantastic division one prize of $20,000 a month for twenty years. That’s a total of $4.8 million in prize money over two decades.

We witnessed a truly remarkable moment recently when a trio of winners scored division one in a single Set for Life draw! 

It’s the first time in the game’s history we’ve had three division one winners win $20K on Replay on the same night.  Their wins bring the number of Aussies who are Set for Life to a total of 69!  

Running on pure excitement and very little sleep, a Thomastown woman was among the first to discover her life-changing win on that fateful night.

“I was circling my numbers, and then I realised I had circled them all,” she told us.

“I screamed ‘Oh my god! I’ve won!’”

As we were talking the winning woman through the process to claim her $4.8 million annuity prize, she admitted she was already one step ahead of us. 

“You know, I have a stash of your prize claim forms right beside my bed because I always had a feeling I was going to win division one! Now it’s happened, it feels insane.”

We have no doubt she is celebrating that winning feeling all over again with her very first $20K Day. 

If you’re dreaming of celebrating $20K Day for yourself, make sure to grab your Set for Life entry today!  

Draws take place every night of the week so you can get in on the fun, starting tonight.