G’day mates, Doug here with another Set for Life update. 

So, I know we always seem to be celebrating here at Set for Life HQ, but what’s not to celebrate? Each month our winners get a prize payment of $20,000— and they’ll be getting that prize every month for 20 years! 

However, today is particularly special. A real hullabaloo. I’m talking confetti, cake, streamers, the whole lot. Because not only is today 20K Day— the day when all our First Prize winners receive their $20,000 prize— but this month also marks Set for Life’s fourth birthday!

That’s right folks, the big four! I couldn’t be more chuffed to see how much we’ve grown. 

When Set for Life launched, we had the goal of giving Australians a national game that could be played every day of the week. What’s more, we wanted it to have a prize that pays on replay. 

And so it began. Since August 2015, Set for Life draws have been conducted every night, 365 days a year, giving players a chance to win $20,000 every month for 20 years!

It was only three days after our inaugural draw when a Wollongong father in his 40s made Australian lottery history as the very first Set for Life First Prize winner. The New South Wales man has since received $960,000 in prize money, with 16 years of receiving $20K on Replay still ahead of him.

It really has been an incredible four years. We’ve held 1470 draws, had hundreds of winners across all of our prize divisions, and given Australians a chance to win every night of the week.

But wait, there’s more. Just this week we crowned our 50th First Prize winner! That’s 50 people all across the country who are, pardon the pun, set for life, taking home a combined $240 million in prize money. 

August has been a big month, and you can be sure there’s no stopping us now as we look forward to making more winners in the years to come. 

So, happy birthday to us, happy 20K Day to all our First Prize winners, and wishing much happiness to everyone across the country dreaming of becoming set for life.