Hey mates, Doug here from Set for Life HQ. 

Nothing gets me dreaming about the future like Set for Life. It’s the only game that celebrates winning every month for 20 YEARS. That’s two whole Gregorian-calendar-decades of receiving 20K on Replay! Imagine how your life could change in that time? 

The more you think about it, the more it sinks in that the possibilities with Set for Life are truly endless. So much could change in 20 years that you could be using that prize in ways that haven’t even been invented yet. 

To celebrate today’s 20K Day— the day when all of our winners get their monthly $20,000 winnings— we’re taking a trip into the future to imagine what life might be like for our winners in 20 years time. 


Plenty of our winners love to travel. With flight times getting shorter and tourist hotspots keeping up with the latest technology, they could one day be using their Set for Life prize to travel in a whole new way. 

Imagine taking a non-stop flight from Australia to Europe, jumping in a self-driving taxi at the airport, and then heading to your hotel where a virtual assistant checks you in. If you do go exploring, don’t worry about language barriers, just be sure to take your Smart Glasses which could provide you with a real-time translation. 

Spending time with loved ones

It wasn’t long ago that the tools we now use to communicate with were considered science-fiction. But soon even phone calls, instant messaging and video calls might seem like things of the past. 

Virtual reality technology could soon mean that we meet up with our friends and family in virtual ‘rooms’. These could even be linked to social media, to make it easier than ever to connect and feel like you’re really together. 

Over the span of 20 years our Set for Life First Prize winners could see their family grow and change, but sharing the joy of their prize and getting to spend time together could be easier than ever before. 

Receiving 20K on Replay

For Set for Life First Prize winners, the financial freedom that comes with winning $20,000 every month for 20 years is life-changing. One winner even told us that seeing the money land in their account on the 15th of each month was like winning all over again.

Technology has also helped make 20K Day a stress-free experience, with online banking reaching new levels of functionality and ease. Can you believe that in the early days of ‘home banking,’ financial institutions would mail out floppy disks with software that could be loaded onto a PC. After connecting to a dial-up modem you could check your account balance.

Now apps on smartphones make life a breeze for our winners, who can easily have the reassurance that their prize has landed, and the freedom to manage it however they like.

This is only set to improve over the 20-year span of their winnings. Security and mobile access will be a big focus for online banking, and with wearable tech such as Smart Watches rising to prominence, no matter where our winners are or what they’re doing, they’ll get to experience that winning feeling. 

So, whether you’re dreaming about a luxury holiday, more time with loved ones, or financial freedom, with Set for Life giving you the chance to win $20,000 every month for the next 20 years, the future is yours!