Imagine seeing your bank account balloon by $20,000 on the 15th of every month!

If you win the First Prize in Set for Life, this is what you could be experiencing. Twenty  thousand dollars each and every month for 20 YEARS!

We’re told by previous winners that receiving the phone call that confirms you’ve won is truly life changing. But how does it feel to break that incredible news? Well, from what we’re told that is like winning in itself.  

We sit down with Ally from our dream delivery team to find out what it’s like to talk to our Set for Life First Prize winners.

What is it like to call Set for Life First Prize winners?

It’s a truly memorable moment. I’m always a bundle of excited nerves before I call a Set for Life First Prize winner because you just never know if they’re aware of their win or how they are going to react.

You go into making that call thinking ‘Here goes, I’m about to change someone’s life.’ It’s just incredible. I really do think I have the best job in the world.

How do winners react to the news they’ve become Set for Life?

The reactions I have received from winners has been diverse to say the least. Sometimes winners can barely find the words to speak, while others can’t stop screaming. 

I recently had a winner who was convinced my phone call was a prank. It really did take some time until she actually believed me when I said she was Set for Life.  I’m sure she checked her ticket herself after the call just to double check it was true. She was going to use her win to visit America. And celebrate with her family of course!

Another winner I spoke to told me he couldn’t stop shaking! He was struggling to speak he was shaking that much.How every winner reacts is different and I can’t wait to hear another reaction soon. 

What do most Set for Life Winners do with their prize?

For a lot of our Set for Life winners, winning First Prize allows them to do the things they’ve always wanted to.

Not surprisingly, travel is at the top of most of our winners’ wishlists, with Canada, America and Japan ranking popular among our winners.

For other winners, their Set for Life windfall has meant they can speed up their retirement plans or starting doing things they really love doing.

How do Set for Life First Prize winners celebrate 20K day? 

Now this is an interesting one. Not surprisingly, the 15th of each month has become a very special day for our winners. Each of our winners is unique and the way they celebrate receiving their next Set for Life instalment is unique too. 

One of our winners celebrates what we like to call ‘$20K day’ with a new pair of shoes, while another winner told us they always take their spouse out for scrambled eggs to mark the occasion. Eggscellent! 

How often do you talk to Set for Life Winners?

I am lucky that I get to speak to some Set for Life winners pretty often and I love hearing what they’ve been up to with their prize.

I recently spoke to one winner who was happy to share the details of how she came to buy a Set for Life entry, and how the win has changed not only her life, but also the lives of those closest to her.

It’s such an incredible story and you can listen to the call here. 


Will it be you who soon receives a phone call from Ally? Only time will tell!