Hi friends! Amanda here. 

We have some sensational news to share with you all.

Not only have we gained three more Set for Life division one winners since we last spoke in October, but we’ve also broken Set for Life records!

In 2020, we finished the calendar year with 16 Australians being crowned Set for Life. Just last week, we beat this tally and are now sitting at 17 division one wins so far this year – bringing the total to 87 winners since the game launched in 2015. 

We’ll be eager to see if this number will continue to climb as the last weeks of 2021 fly by!

Since Set for Life was introduced, our division one winners have collectively taken home $62,0800,000 in prize money. 

You may remember we mentioned last month that we were waiting for our mystery Set for Life winner from Newcastle to come forward and collect their life-changing prize.

Good news! Almost a month after the draw, a local man came forward to claim his prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years. 

The elusive man admitted the ticket was tucked away in his wallet and he had forgotten to check it. 

“This ticket has just been in my wallet, and the other day I came across it again and thought I’d better check it,” he laughed.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw I’d won division one. I checked the ticket over and over again because I wanted to make sure it was true.

“It’s funny, because on the day I bought the ticket, I just had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to win division one. I am so glad I bought this ticket because I really did win!

“I follow the law of attraction and have done for years, and so I really feel as though I manifested this win.”

With Christmas only 40 days away, we can imagine he will have some merry plans in store! 

Will you be one of our next division one Set for Life winners to keep the record rolling?

We certainly can’t wait to find out!

Chat to you soon.