G’day mates! 

Doug here from Set for Life HQ with something that might inspire you if, like mine, your passport is getting a little dusty. Your jet-setting days might be on hold but that doesn’t mean your summer holiday plans are completely foiled. 

Enter the humble caravan. 

Our Set for Life winners have long been fans of roving the countryside in their very own homes on wheels. 

Last summer, three of the five Set for Life winners who scored a division one prize between December and February shared they’d be hitting the open road in their caravans — all thanks to their incredible prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years.

With the chance to become Set for Life every night of the week, perhaps an Aussie odyssey will be on your horizons too. 
Here’s why a caravanning holiday is currently topping my Set for Life wish list!

Getting up close to nature

Sweeping coastlines, rugged mountains, sunburned deserts, and lush rainforest; what better way to see the unique landscapes in your state than from the comfort of your own van. Not to mention nights spent under the stars and becoming neighbours with the local wildlife. 

If you’ve ever dreamed of watching the sunrise from a different spot every morning, this might be the perfect lifestyle for you. Our winning couple from Sunbury certainly thought so. They were already caravanning when we called to tell them they’d won!

“We are away in our caravan at the moment and just 10 minutes ago I was watching the television and saw an ad for a lottery draw,” the winning man explained.

“I said to my wife ‘God, it would be great to win one of those’. I can’t believe you’ve just called me to say I actually have won!

“We will probably be spending a lot more time in our caravan that’s for sure.”

New experiences, new memories

With life on the road, there’s an opportunity for something new around every corner. Imagine meandering through regional towns and taking your time to try out the goods at a local boutique or bakery.

And whether you visit old friends or make new ones along the way, there’s nothing quite like swapping stories and connecting with people in the great outdoors. 


Say goodbye to hotel car parks and lugging suitcases up and down lifts. 

A caravanning holiday embraces wide open spaces, all while having your creature comforts at your fingertips. It’s the freedom of convenience, the freedom of simplicity, and the freedom to take things slow. 

It’s little wonder that so many Set for Life winners choose to enjoy their prize this way. And with today being $20K Day— the day all of our division one winners receive their monthly payment of $20,000 — we can just imagine how our caravanning winners are planning their next adventures.

Grab an entry today for your chance to win $20K on Replay. You too could be all set for your very own caravan getaway.