Happy Easter, folks! It’s Doug here.

April has already been an egg-citing month at Set for Life HQ with one lottery player taking home a sweet Set for Life treat in the first week! Who needs chocolates and hot cross buns – am I right?

A self-proclaimed Cranbourne East “battler” who has been working hard his entire life is now looking forward to retiring from work immediately after winning $20,000 a month for the next 20 years.

We can just imagine his Easter celebrations are going to be egg-stra special knowing his bank account will score $20K on replay and blossom on the 15th of every month!

“Woo-hoo! This is the best phone call I’ve ever received. This is fantastic. I can’t stop shaking. This is so great. I’m incredibly delighted! You’re making me cry so much! I’m a blubbering mess,” he cried.

“I’ve really struggled so much these past few years. I’ve been working hard to set myself up for the future. I’ve ever been salary sacrificing for years trying to set myself up for retirement.

“But this win means I can retire – immediately! I can look after my kids. I can pay for their mortgages. That is so, so important to me. I’ve barely travelled, too. The world’s my oyster.” 

While Easter egg hunts, parades, and family get-togethers are in full swing this week, some of our Set for Life winners are also honouring their Set for Life anniversaries alongside their celebrations. 

This week marks the second Set for Life anniversary for an Adelaide father in his 20s who lost his job due to COVID-19 at the time of his division one windfall.

The young South Australian player won ‘eggsactly’ on Easter Sunday in Set for Life draw 1711, drawn Sunday 12 April 2020.

He discovered his delightful division one prize late at night and couldn’t sleep a wink after realising he was indeed, Set for Life!

“We stayed up all night watching TV and talking about what we’re going to do. It is a wonderful feeling. We are a young family, and we have a baby, so this will set us up for the rest of our lives,” he explained. 

“My wife has already made many, many plans,” he laughed.

“She wants to do everything, a new car, holidays, a new house, not just any house but our dream house!"

With Set for Life draws every night of the week, we can’t wait to see if any lottery players end their Easter weekend their baskets full of Easter eggs and prize money too!

That’s all, yolks! 

Have a cracking Easter!