G’day mates, Doug here with another Set for Life update. 

Last month I went surfing for the first time ever. It’s said that variety is the spice of life, so I thought I’d pepper in a brand-new experience to keep things interesting. 

And let me tell you, getting this old geezer to squeeze into a wetsuit and stand up on a floating piece of polyurethane was definitely interesting. 

I had a blast, but I’ve got to be honest— the second time I went was better. And the third time was even better than that! I was spending less time eating sand on the ocean floor and more time enjoying the waves.

It made me think. As great as new experiences are, there’s something to be said for getting to enjoy things more than once. 
Whether it’s improving your surfing skills over a few weekends, re-watching a favourite movie, listening to a song on repeat, or getting brekky at your local café every Sunday morning; some things are best enjoyed on replay!

Of course, Set for Life First Prize winners know this all too well.

On the 15th of each month they celebrate $20K Day— the day when they receive their monthly prize payment of $20,000. The best part is, they get this on replay for 20 years.

That’s right, $20,000, every month for 20 years!

Not only do they have the life-changing experience of discovering they’ve won Set for Life, they then get to have that winning moment again and again, 240 times to be exact! 

And it’s not just the amazing prize that’s on replay— winners have shared how they will get to have some incredible repeat experiences thanks to their win. One Townsville winner said he would be able to spend more time fishing while a Cleveland woman revealed she won’t be pressing pause on the travel plans anytime soon! 

What sort of things do you like to do on replay? Do you dream of experiencing that winning feeling on repeat? 

With Set for Life you have the chance to win every day of the week. You can even replay your numbers across the seven consecutive daily draws.  Grab an entry today for your chance to win $20K on Replay!