Hello again,  
Amanda here reporting from the Set for Life HQ.  
This week we’re not just celebrating the fact $20K day has rolled around again we’re also celebrating another Australian scoring the division one prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years!  
Our list of division one winners is rapidly growing and we’re certainly not complaining. Can you believe we’ve already had eleven division one winners this year!  
As soon as we received the reports last week revealing a Lilydale couple had won $20,000 a month for 20 years, we went wild! 
The dynamic duo were getting ready for a big day at work when we delivered the life-changing news and were completely oblivious to the fact they were now Set for Life. 
“Oh my gosh, we were just about to head out for work,” the winning woman exclaimed. 
“I haven’t even got myself a coffee or had breakfast yet. 
“Are you serious? Are you actually serious?” 
With the couple revealing they had been dreaming of winning Set for Life for years on end, they already had a few ideas up their sleeve on how to spend their prize.  
However, the winners don’t stop there. We’re still searching for a mystery winner from Canberra in the ACT who won Set for Life in draw 2072, drawn Thursday 8 April 2021.  
Just like our Lilydale couple, they could be planning on what to do with their prize any minute now – but first, they need to discover they’ve won!  
If you believe you’re holding the winning entry, please give us a call on 131 868 to begin the process of confirming and claiming your prize.  
We hope for our next $20K day monthly update, we can reveal we’ve found the mystery winner, or better yet, even another winner or two.