Mark the date! Monday 23 March 2020 is the day exciting changes are coming to Set for Life!

Since the game was first introduced in 2015, Set for Life has captured the imagination of Aussies dreaming of receiving a hefty $20,000 addition to their bank account every month for 20 years.

Now, we’re enhancing a number of the features we know players love. 

From an exciting new division two prize to the chance of more winners in every draw, here’s the top five things to know so you’re all set for the new Set for Life. 

1. A shiny new division two prize 
The biggest and most exciting change coming to Set for Life is the introduction of a new division two prize of $5,000 a month for a year for up to four winners! 

Currently, the division two prize depends on the prize pool. But from 23 March, if you’re one of up to four division two winners in a draw, you’ll see $5K coming your way every month for a year. 

The annuity prize is one of the unique and most-loved features of Set for Life and we’re excited to see it expanded for more winners!  

2. Improved chances of winning any prize 
Once the changes take place, the chance of winning any prize with a single-game entry will increase from 1-in-59 to 1-in-50. This means there should be more winners in every draw!

3. Changes to the numbers needed to win
The current Set for Life game is based on a draw of numbers from 1 to 37, where you choose eight numbers to play per game panel. Under the new game, that will change to seven numbers from a draw of numbers 1 to 44. This means there will be one less number required to win division one.

4. Changes to the winning combinations
From 23 March, players will be able to win a prize with as little as 3 numbers plus 1 supplementary number for division eight, rather than 4 numbers plus 1 supplementary number.

5. Updates to Set for Life lingo 
We will also be updating some of the game terminology to more familiar terms so it’s simpler for players who enjoy our other lottery games.

  • “Sets” becomes “games”
  • “QuickSet” becomes “QuickPick”
  • “First Prize” becomes ”division one”
  • “Bonus numbers” becomes ”supplementary numbers”

Pre-sales into the new game start Tuesday 17 March 2020. To support these exciting changes, the price of playing Set for Life will increase by 5 cents per game, per draw for entries purchased from this date. And if you have Set for Life Favourites and Subscriptions, don’t forget to update these from Tuesday 17 March.

So, with the beginning of a new decade, comes a new era for Set for Life. Draws will continue to occur daily, so you still have a chance to win $20,000 a month for the next 20 years every night of the week!