A Warrnambool retiree can’t wait to make his car dreams a reality and buy an iconic Mustang, after winning division one in Sunday’s Set for Life draw. 

The Victorian player scored the division one prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years in Set for Life draw 1739, drawn Sunday 10 May 2020. 

This morning, our team finally got onto the man after trying to contact him multiple times yesterday to deliver the exciting news. 

“You’re joking? Twenty thousand dollars a month for 20 years!” he laughed. 

“I was out all day yesterday. I was actually walking out the door when I heard the phone ring, but I didn’t have time to answer. Sorry about that! 

“Gosh this is amazing. It’s come at the best time. 

“You have really made my day, thank you! I am over the moon! 

“My god, I need to sit down and have a cup of coffee. I am overwhelmed! 

“I have been playing Set for Life since it first began in 2015. 

“I’ve been using the same numbers for years and years, they’re family birthdays. Then when the game changed, I had to ditch one of the numbers! Thank god I got rid of that one, or else I never would have won.” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his prize, the stoked bloke said he only had two things on his mind – family and some new wheels. 

“This is going to be the biggest help,” he admitted. 

“I will definitely be sharing it with my family. 

“I am a bit of a car nut! I have always wanted a Mustang! So that’s one of the first things I will be doing. 

“But for the rest, I will really need to have a big think about what to do with it. 

“We will definitely celebrate tonight though. We might not be leaving the house, but we will get some Chinese takeaway.” 

The winning 2-game marked entry was purchased at Koroit Newsagency & Lotto, 129 Commercial Road, Koroit. 

Koroit Newsagency & Lotto owners Luke and Robyn Polkinghorne said they were thrilled to have made one of their customers a Set for Life division one winner. 

“We only bought the outlet 12 months ago, so this is a huge thrill,” Robyn said. 

“When we heard we sold the division one winning entry we were shocked, we just did not expect it! 

“We will celebrate with our staff and our customers,” Luke added. 

“We are so excited for our winner and hope that it will bring him much happiness to his life.”