Two young Waratah brothers are swapping their suits for their suitcases, with plans to travel  around the world after discovering they had won $4.8 million in last night’s Set for Life draw. 

The Newcastle residents held the only division one winning entry nationally in Set for Life draw 2274, drawn Wednesday 27 October 2021. They take home the prize of $4.8 million, paid in instalments of $20,000 a month for 20 years. 

Speaking with our team this afternoon, the young duo explained how the excitement unfolded. 

“We actually found out last night,” one of the brothers explained.

“I had woken up in the middle of the night and I could not get back to sleep, so I was just playing on my phone when I decided to check our ticket. 

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw we had won. I thought I was dreaming so I called my brother straight away to double check. 

“The first thing he said was, ‘What’s wrong? No one calls at midnight unless something bad has happened!’. 

“I was very happy to tell him that was not the case! I made him check our ticket to be sure. 

“We were so gobsmacked! It’s just unreal. You dream of this happening, but you never think it actually will. 

“We both couldn’t sleep after that, so my brother came over and we had a few drinks. 

“We wanted to celebrate, but we also needed something to calm us down. 

“There were butterflies in our stomach. It’s crazy! 

“We both took the day off today and we will go out for a nice dinner and some drinks tonight to celebrate some more.” 

When asked how they planned to enjoy their windfall, the jolly men said they had one thing in mind. 

“Well, we’ve been in lockdown for so long, so we want to get out and have some fun!” the winning man continued. 

“We are young, so this gives us an opportunity to really live life to the fullest. 

“There’s going to be lots and lots of travel for the both of us. 

“I am sure we will do a lot more things with our prize, but we still don’t really believe it yet.” 

Their winning entry was purchased at Waratah LPO & Newsagency, Shop 9 Waratah Shopping Village, 91 Turton Road, Waratah. 

Waratah LPO & Newsagency owner Michael Phillips said he was ecstatic to hear his winners had discovered the exciting news. 

“It’s just fantastic news,” he said. 

“We are so glad they came back in here to check their ticket. The team were thrilled to be a part of their winning moment. It was incredible. 

“We really hope they enjoy their prize, and we hope we can deliver more division one wins to some of our customers soon. 

“It’s just such a great win for the store, our winners and the community.”