The search is off for Sydney’s latest Powerball multi-millionaire, with a Carnes Hill mum coming forward as the mystery winner and revealing a psychic had predicted someone in her family would win a life-changing lottery prize this year. 

The Sydney resident held the only division one winning entry nationally in Powerball draw 1306, drawn Thursday 27 May 2021. She takes home the entire division one prize of $9,738,691.40. 

Confirming the incredible news with us this morning, the new multi-millionaire explained she’d been spurred to check her Powerball ticket after seeing a post about a mystery winner on social media. 

“I am shaking! I am crying!” she screamed. 

“I saw on Facebook that someone had won almost $10 million.   

“Then I looked a little closer at the post and realised that the ticket was purchased from the same place that I had bought mine! 

“And I was like ‘Oh my god. Oh my god!’. 

“I’d won $13 on another ticket and used this prize to buy this winning ticket. I can’t believe it. 

“Thank you so much. Oh my god. “I’m crying. I haven’t even told my husband yet. I’m just sitting at home. 

“This is going to be amazingly life-changing!” 

The Sydney mum was quick to explain a lottery win had recently been on her mind after an incredible prediction from a total stranger. 

“A psychic recently told my mum that someone in the family would win the lottery and that they would help the rest of the family,” she explained. 

“Oh my god. I guess she was right! 

“And just yesterday my sister and I were discussing what we’d do if we won the lottery, agreeing that we’d buy each other a new car and pay off each other’s mortgages. I suppose that’s happening now! 

“It’s an incredible feeling. It will be amazing.” 

Having recently planned exactly what she’d do if she won a lottery fortune, the generous woman didn’t hesitate to reveal the rest of her plans for her almost $10 million Powerball prize. 

“We will look after the grandparents and my parents and all the siblings. I can help them all!” she declared. 

“I’ll be buying a new house. We’ve long outgrown this house. It’s amazing. We will be looking around for a much larger house! 

“Maybe I’ll even get myself some nice diamond earrings, I don’t know. 

“A holiday overseas would be great when we can do that, but for now we might just go interstate to celebrate! 

“Thank you. Oh my god. It’s going to be amazing!” 

The life-changing entry was purchased at Carnes Hill Newsagent, Shop 3, Carnes Hill Marketplace, 100 Cowpasture Road, Hoxton Park.  

Carnes Hill Newsagent owner Yiu Ho said he was thrilled to know the winner had checked her ticket and discovered her win. 

“We are so happy to have sold this winning entry!” he exclaimed. 

“This is certainly the biggest division one winning ticket we’ve sold here and we are so happy to know it’s gone to a local customer. 

“Congratulations to her! She has a wonderful future ahead of her and we hope she really enjoys her prize.”