G’day mates, Doug here with the latest from Set for Life HQ. 

In our last update, we shared our excitement for some terrific new changes to Set for Life, including a new division two prize, improved chances of winning any prize, and updates to the game matrix. 

The changes came into effect on 23 March and we are thrilled to see how they have enhanced the game. 

In particular, it’s been incredible to see our new division two prize of $5,000 every month for a year has already been scooped up by nine Aussies. They’ll each see $5K coming their way for the next 12 months and we couldn’t be more stoked for them. 

Of course, last month also brought a whole heap of other changes that have impacted Australians all across the country. In a time where there’s lots of uncertainty, hearing the reactions of our recent winners has brightened our days and it’s been an absolute delight to deliver some good news. 

A young Adelaide man is one of our most recent division one winner and will today be celebrating his first ever $20K Day— the day when all our division one winners receive their monthly prize payment of $20,000. 

He shared with us that his Set for Life win had given him and his wife complete financial freedom. 

I’ve always thought that this is one of the best things about Set for Life. It opens up possibilities for the future and our winners can keep dreaming about how they’ll use their prize months and years down the track. 

This especially struck me when we spoke to a Leura man who recently won division two. Like many of us, he is currently isolating but that didn’t stop him from setting his sights on greener grass.  

“While I can’t leave the house, I do live in a lovely area, so I will sit outside, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the view this morning,” he told us. 

“But when we can finally go out again, that’s when the fun can begin!”

We loved hearing his joy at the anticipation of what’s on the other side of all this. We hope to bring some of that joy to more winners soon.