Hi everyone, Amanda here from Set for Life HQ. Welcome to our first update for 2020! 

I was all prepared to tell you how we had a peaceful festive season and we’re now looking forward to discovering who would be the first Aussie to win First Prize this year. But if there’s one thing I should know by now, it’s that the excitement never stops with Set for Life. 

Since our last update, we have had three new First Prize winners, each scoring themselves $20,000 every month for the next twenty years. Two scooped up their win at the end of last year, while one has already claimed the title of 2020’s first Set for Life First Prize winner! 

As it happened: 

It was six nights before Christmas when all through the house, were screams of delight for a South Australian woman and her spouse! 

Yes, on 19 December 2019 a couple from Williamstown got the best early Christmas present when they discovered they had won First Prize in Set for Life. The woman shared that it was a dream come true to win the annuity prize.

“I’ve always said if I won anything, I’d love to win Set for Life, because then we will really be set for the rest of our lives!”

Then just nine days later, in those liminal days between Christmas and the new year, a Sunbury man also joined our Set for Life family. Picking up his win on 28 December, the Victorian player had no idea he’d won until we called on the following Monday morning. 

“You’re kidding me! Holy sh*t! This definitely isn’t a joke, right?” he said disbelievingly.

Then as we brought in a new year and a new decade, Friday 3 January also brought yet another First Prize winner when a man from Geelong became the first Aussie to become Set for Life in 2020. He’ll be receiving $20,000 every month until the year 2040! The shocked man admitted he’d almost had a heart attack when he discovered a win. 

“These kinds of things just don’t happen to people like me,” he told us.

The wins have rolled and so too will the caravan wheels! 

In a curious coincidence, all three of our winners revealed that their prize would allow them to spend more time on the open road in their caravans. So not only did we have three First Prize winners within a span of 15 days, but all three will be doing victory laps around the country in their mobile homes! 

There’s already been so much to celebrate this year, and with today being $20K Day — the day when all of our First Prize winners receive their monthly prize payment of $20,000 — our winners are no doubt celebrating too! 

We can’t wait to see if this momentum continues and look forward to plenty more excitement throughout 2020. Grab an entry today for your chance to win!