Hi everyone, Amanda here with another Set for Life update.  

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through May! Time feels so elastic lately and it can be hard to know day it is. But if there’s one date I make sure I never miss, it’s today. 

Why today? 

Well, it’s $20K Day of course! 

On the 15th of every month, all of our Set for Life division one winners receive their monthly prize payment of $20,000. 

Yes, every Aussie who’s won our incredible division one Set for Life prize will have $20K making its way to their bank account. 

Currently that includes 63 thrilled winners who’ll collectively receive $1,260,000 today, and a whopping $302.4 million over the course of their twenty years of prize payments. 

We’ve welcomed a new division one winner every month this year, meaning $20K Day keeps getting bigger every time! A Warrnambool retiree is the latest Aussie to land himself $20,000 every month for the next twenty years and we are thrilled that he'll soon be receiveing his first prize payment.

But did you know that our division two winners are also celebrating today? 

With recent changes to Set for Life, players have the chance to win a fantastic division two prize of $5,000, every month for a year. 

So far, 30 stoked Aussies have taken out this division two prize and like our division one winners, the 15th of the month is also the day they receive their reoccurring prize payment. 

The 15th is turning into quite the day and we couldn’t be more excited for our winners! 

The best part is, there’s always an opportunity for more people to win Set for Life and get in on the $20K Day excitement. 

All you need to do is grab an entry into our daily draws and you’re in with a chance to win! 

Set for Life is the only game that allows you to play your numbers across 7 consecutive daily draws so that’s a chance to win $20K on Replay every day of the week. 

Draws take place every night at 9.00pm (AEST). To win division one, your entry needs to match all seven winning numbers in a single game panel, or match six winning numbers plus one supplementary number and you’ll score division two and could see $5K coming your way. 

We can’t wait to see who else will be celebrating $20K Day on the 15th of next month. 

Could it be you?