Hey mates, Doug here with your latest Set for Life update. 

It’s officially June, we’re halfway through the year, and the cooler weather is giving me a great excuse to spend a decent amount of time in my trackies and slippers.

Of course, June also means the end of the financial year is just around the corner and it can be a busy time, especially for anyone who works with numbers. 

In preparation for the end of FY20, I’ve been doing a few sums of my own and turns out I actually don’t mind a bit of accounting when the numbers add up like this! 

To date, the 2020 financial year has delivered 14 new division one wins across the country, bringing us to a grand total of 63 Aussies who are Set for Life!

It’s been an especially exciting twelve months for Victorian players, who’ve taken out six division one wins. Meanwhile, Queenslanders have scored three division one wins, New South Wales and South Australia had two each, and Western Australia had one. 

Since 1 July 2019, we’ve also reached some incredible milestones. We celebrated Set for Life’s fourth birthday in August, in January we had three division one winners within 15 days, and in February we caught up with one of our seasoned winners who revealed what it’s like to be Set for Life three years on.

 And we can’t forget our exciting game changes that introduced a shiny new division two prize of $5,000 every month for a year.

Since the changes launched in March, 42 Aussies have won division two and have $5K coming their way for twelve months.

The monthly prize payments are one of the unique things about Set for Life and we’re stoked that so many winners are getting to experience the joy of receiving their prize on replay. And with today being $20K Day — the day our winners receive their monthly prize payment— we’re sure they’ll be reliving that winning feeling all over again. 

It’s actually the final $20K Day for FY20 and in doing a last bit of math, I’m thrilled to reveal the total amount of prize money paid to division one winners this financial year collectively totals $13,460,000 * — the most ever paid in a twelve-month period! 

With more winners just waiting to be crowned, we are so excited to see this number grow and have no doubt our current winners are equally excited to see their individual prize totals continue to climb over the next twenty years. 

Don’t forget, Set for Life is played daily so there’s still plenty of chances for you to win $20K on Replay and close FY20 with a bang.

Imagine telling that news to your accountant in the new financial year!

*Total amount of prize money paid to Set for Life division one winners from 1 July 2019 to 15 June 2020 (date of publication) Australia wide.