Happy New Year friends! Amanda here, bringing you your first Set for Life update for 2021 (still getting used to writing that date!). 

With the festivities of Christmas and New Years behind us, HQ is once again buzzing and the whole team is filled with anticipation. 

2020 proved to be our biggest year yet with 16 division one winners across Australia scoring $20,000 a month for twenty years.

We can’t wait to see how many new Aussie winners will join our Set for Life family in 2021. 

For three of our division one winners, this month marks their one-year Set for Life anniversary! 

A Tennant Creek Couple, a Heidelburg father, and a Geelong man all scored that exciting division one prize last January. It still blows me away that they have another 19 years of receiving $20K on Replay ahead of them. 

At the time of their win, all three players were in complete disbelief. Our Heidelberg winner even described how he thought his win was too good to be true! 

“It doesn’t feel real,” he exclaimed. 

“When I saw the email last night I thought it was a hoax. I am glad you’ve called to confirm this, but it is still very hard to believe.” 

Twelve months and 12 installments later, we have no doubt it’s feeling more real. 

With today being $20K Day — the day all our winners receive their monthly prize payment— all 70 of our Set for Life division one winners will get to experience that winning feeling all over again! 

We’re yet to see our first division one winner for 2021, but with draws happening daily the excitement only keeps building. 

There’s something about January that inspires dreams for the future and we’re dreaming of making the year’s  very first life-changing call to our next division one winner. 

Make sure you grab an entry today for your chance to get set for a fresh start and begin 2021 with $20K on Replay.